Silkscreen printing

Exploring the Colorful World with Printing Inks in the Screen Printing Industry of Backpacks and Bags

This article will take you on a journey to explore the colorful world with Thuận Hưng Long An Screen Printing for Backpacks and Bags about the common types of printing inks in the screen printing industry, helping you better understand the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and applications of each type of ink.

Screen Printing Filmmaking Technique

Screen printing filmmaking technique is a crucial step in the screen printing process, directly impacting the quality of the printed product. Therefore, screen printing businesses pay close attention to this stage. Screen printing film creation produces prints that are far more detailed and realistic than the original design. What is screen printing film creation? Screen

Thuan Hung Long An explores business potentials in Cambodia 2024

On May 9 to 11th, Thuan Hung Long An was honored to be part of the 20 member-delegation of AHK-GBA to participate in the business field trip to Cambodia. The trip has provided not only resourceful insights into businesses’ growth potentials in this country but also close interactions with high-ranking Cambodia’s officials and connections among


Seize the opportunity to break through with Thuan Hung Long An The year 2024 promises a lot of potential for Vietnam’s silkscreen printing industry, opening up breakthrough opportunities for domestic businesses like Thuan Hung Long An. Below are some outstanding trends of Vietnam’s screen printing industry today: 1. Diverse printing needs – The need for


For a long time, silkscreen printing has played a very important role in life, as well as attracting market attention. So how important is this industry? What is the reason why this market is so attractive? To understand more about the attraction and importance of this industry, Thuan Hung Long An (THLA) will walk you

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