Exploring the Colorful World with Printing Inks in the Screen Printing Industry of Backpacks and Bags

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  • Cập nhật: 3 Jun, 2024

This article will take you on a journey to explore the colorful world with Thuận Hưng Long An Screen Printing for Backpacks and Bags about the common types of printing inks in the screen printing industry, helping you better understand the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and applications of each type of ink.


– Disadvantages:

+ Low color fastness: Water-based ink has low color fastness and can fade over time.

+ Poor adhesion: Water-based ink has poor adhesion to some materials.

– Applications: Water-based ink is commonly used for printing on backpack and bag fabrics, cotton fabrics, T-shirt fabrics, cardboard, paper, etc.

2. Oil-based ink – Durable and bright:

– Characteristics: Oil-based ink for screen printing backpacks and bags is diluted with solvent, bringing durability and brightness to the printed product. Oil-based ink has good adhesion to many materials and can withstand environmental impacts.

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